How to Fix NAT Type

Whether you are new to gaming or you have been fragging like a pro for years, NAT Type might be a term you have come across before during times of tech trouble or even bewilderment. In this guide, we give a beginner’s introduction to NAT type and the steps necessary to fix it if you are experiencing issues connecting to other players or participating in multiplayer sessions. While changing NAT type is not essential, it can be very useful to know how to fix NAT type when it comes to party chat, streaming audio, and so much more. What is NAT?As most people know, every device within a local network is assigned an exclusive IP address. Network Address Translation (NAT) refers to a router’s ability to translate both public and private IP addresses, but it is also used to define the process a router uses to connect those devices to the internet.According to Microsoft, there are three different types of NAT:1. Open: the most ideal NAT type available, results in no issues connecting to other players2. Moderate: the type of NAT that may cause slower connections or increases in lag3. Strict: the worst NAT type available, limits connection to players who only have open NATWhy is NAT Important?There are several reasons why understanding NAT type is important. NAT not only supplements network security measures by keeping private IP addresses concealed from the outside world, but it also dictates how strong of an online connection you will have during the game. The NAT type you have can typically be found in the pre-game lobby, but you can also access NAT type within the network settings of your game console. If you play on an Xbox One, you will be able to find your NAT type by navigating to home, settings, and network settings. Your NAT type will display under the Current Network Status. If you play on a PlayStation console, you will be able to find your NAT type by navigating to settings, network, and connection status. You should change the NAT type if it is either moderate or strict.How to Fix NAT TypeTo change the NAT type of your Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo console, you will need a full connection for online gaming or live streaming. Some people use fast-bonding VPNs and hotspots. Two of the most popular installations include Connectify Hotspot and Speedify. Open the application of your choice and connect to a secure server. Even if you have several internet connections from different networks, you can combine them to create an even better connection with increased bandwidth and decreased lag. Run your chosen hotspot service. Connect your game console to the hotspot you configured. With all the traffic going through this hotspot, the NAT type will change to moderate.Please contact XOTIC PC if you have any questions about this guide or would like to learn more about our product selection.
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