Computer Maintenance

In the fast-paced rhythm of this digital life, we often forget that our computers require a little tender loving care. There are a wide variety of precautionary measures you can take to improve performance and reduce lag in the long run. XOTIC PC rounded up some of the best computer maintenance tips in one comprehensive guide, so you can clean your computer yourself and avoid paying for a program that doesn’t do anything you can’t do for free. Don’t neglect your PC. Treat your computer right, and we guarantee that it will stay fast and responsive for many years to come. Keep your system running well by following these few simple steps!

Windows: Tools for Success
Windows-based systems are equipped with an array of tools that can help you with numerous PC maintenance tasks. Disk Cleanup is one of the most underutilized programs since the 9x series of operating systems. This tool is easy to use and can clean up your hard disks without any need to install third-party software. Disk Cleanup deletes temporary files and other unimportant data. Uncluttering your computer can greatly improve how smoothly it operates.

Most people know that Task Manager comes in handy when your computer freezes, but you should be using this tool to diagnose and alleviate system slow downs. Today’s Task Manager oversees startup programs, IP addresses, and resource usage graphs to let you know where improvements can be made. Using the default interface, you can view and end active applications, disable startup programs, and expand resources by user to review processes.

One of the best ways you can safeguard your files from utter ruin is by backing up data. Though commercial solutions can back up files and encrypt them in the cloud, File History or System Image allow you to restore previous versions and avoid catastrophic loss. File History will back up any files found in the Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos folders by default. You can also exclude subfolders from backup or back up data externally.

Commercial or Free Software to the Rescue
Even though you can clean your own computer for free, you might not have the time or know-how to start clicking your way to digital cleanliness. There are a wide variety of cleanup tools that you can download and install. These computer maintenance programs will root out all the space hogs in your PC and delete them safely. There are also a wide variety of free cloud storage solutions that allow you to free up space on your computer.

In addition to cleaning your files and folders, you should also take great care in cleaning the components of your PC. Screens, keyboards, mice, and other accessories are hotbeds for bacteria and germs that can easily spread. Update your antivirus software and malware programs as well, to reduce the risk of worms, spam, spyware, or hacking. If you have any questions about computer maintenance, please contact us today for additional information.

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