Happy Customers

EXTREME PCs takes pride in delivering excellently built PCs that cater to the needs and desires of every customer. With their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, we have gained a reputation for providing top-of-the-line gaming and performance machines. From customized gaming rigs to powerful workstations, EXTREME PCs ensures that each computer is meticulously assembled with the latest components and cutting-edge technology.

These reviews highlight the dedication of EXTREME PCs in meeting and exceeding customer expectations. With EXTREME PCs, customers can expect a superior computing experience that delivers on both performance and reliability.

  • Bruce Lewin


everything from ordering to being able…

everything from ordering to being able to choose whatI wanted in the pc build has been great.

  • Tony Julian


Jus put my order in but seems to be…

Jus put my order in but seems to be going smoothly

  • William Robbins


Great experience

Great experience. Would recommend buying from here to anyone looking for a very well built PC. Customer support has been awesome, and Eric was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.

  • George McCool


Great Options

It was quick and easy to build my new gaming PC, payment options are great!

  • Cash


It was super easy to get everything I…

It was super easy to get everything I wanted for my PC and the site was easy to navigate! Can’t wait to actually receive it!

  • Braden


Company was great

Company was great! Reached out immediately with any concerns they had.

  • Mark Colmore


It was easy and cheap.

It was easy to use.

  • Aj Stasny


Easy to build

Fast delivery and excellent setup

  • Renee Bartos


Great customer service

  • William


Love my PC!

My experience with this company exceeded my expectations. Customer service was great and responsive during the whole build process. My PC works like a beast and was a massive upgrade for me. Will definitely refer people I know to this company.

  • Jose Chavez



I like it It performs very good

  • Theresa Ackman


I called and talked to a young man called Josh, he was super helpful. He knew what I was talking about and just what to do. Josh fixed my computer right up and there was plenty of fixin' that need to be done. He uninstalled a couple things that I had never even used and got rid of multiple viruses I didn't know where there. His fixing and cleaning sped my PC up from about 3 minutes to boot up down to about 75 seconds, I mean WOW!

All of this was done (get this) in 2 hours! That's right, total time from me dropping it of till I picked it up was just a smidge over 2 hours. Awesome! And the price for what was done was incredible. I was truly shocked by how little I spent. That's why it has taken me so long to even take it somewhere to get checked out, because it just costs so much to even talk to some geeks on the phone. So glad I gave these guys a chance! Next time my computer even blinks at me it's going to these guys! Thanks again Josh!

  • Addison Collingsworth

Awesome place

I brought my Ryzen server PC in on a Thursday afternoon and they had it fixed before the end of the night! I had tried everything to fix it from reinstalling windows to testing RAM sticks and swapping components and everything in between, but they were able to iron out the issues and get it up and running in no time. Great customer service and an all-around awesome place!

  • Justin Vossler


Easy to build

Outstanding customer service. Didnt push me to buy anything, just answered all of my questions and showed me some awesome stuff. If you are into PCs at all I cant think of a better place to go.

  • Bryce Schouboe

Best experience

Best experience Ive had to date at a computer store! Very friendly and personable people. Even let you take a full test run of the machines and everything! If I ever need anything pc related again, they are where Im going.

  • Felix Orion

Fantastic service

Absolutely fantastic service with staff that remember you and happy to work with you on custom orders. Great selection of computers and parts, from low to high end.

  • JackHammer Gaming

Great customer service

Great customer service they even offer you a beverage and also let you play on the PCs best PC related store I have ever been to.

  • Boba Fett

Great Options

The experience was great! The way I could walk in with my pc and have them take a look at it was very nice. They were very personable and knew exactly what to do.

  • Dylan Seaman


I went in to check it out and was greeted by a very friendly sales guy. He walked me through all the different set ups they had on display and told about their warranty and upgrade plans. Their computers were all very nice looking and some even had custom engraving and cutouts done.

  • Maureen McIlmoyle

Build what you want

This place is freaking amazing! They build you a computer with all the features you want, offer an incredible warranty, and these machines are cool! I'm getting my next computer here for sure.

  • Dalton Wignall

EXTREMEly cool.

I live in the area and finally stopped by to check out the store. Definitely glad I did! The staff was very helpful and the inside of the store was EXTREMEly cool. The build quality on the PCs is top of the line and unmatched from anything I've seen in person previously. Would definitely recommend this place for anyone looking to break into PC gaming or PC repairs.

  • Celine Mayer

super kind

Extreme PCs fixed my computer when I've been having battery issues for months!! And within minutes too!! Service was super kind and welcoming as well, would definitely recommend this place!

  • Stephen Novak

Fantastic customer service, very professional. Great place to get set up with a new PC here in Lincoln.

  • Randal Kercher


The staff was very friendly and helpful. They helped me build my dream PC and it’s working great!

  • DEADone MP


Very knowledgeable staff. You can not beat a lifetime warranty. I love the fact they can offer mid to high range PC’s and laptops. Well worth the time to stop in.

  • Andrew Templeton

definitely shop there again

Great place very knowledgeable staff. I needed a windows 10 boot USB and they where able to make me one in 10 minutes at no charge. I will definitely shop there again

  • TheBlackBadger

Staff is Friendly

The Computer Store!

The staff is Friendly and Very Helpful.

The display area is very cool and we like to look at the builds they have set out.

Highly recommend if you need repairs or are looking to have a PC built.

Check them out!

  • Jonathan Jaques

Easy to build

Excellent service from knowledgeable and friendly professionals. I love my new PC! 

  • James Suh


This place is awesome. Everybody is so kind here and smart. Knows almost everything and also they also give you information that will help you more than before. This place is a place you should definitely go to if you want perfection.