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Phone: 337-EXTREME

Email: hello@extremepcs.com

Technical Service

Phone: (337) 398-7363

Email: hello@extremepcs.com

Please use our live chat by clicking the 'Support' bubble in the lower right corner of your screen if you are having trouble getting through to us via phone. We appreciate your patience! 💙

Customer Support Hours

Monday - Friday : 9:00AM - 5:30 PM CST

Holiday Schedule

New Years Day - 01/02

Independence Day - 07/04

Labor Day - 09/04

Thanksgiving Day - 11/23

Christmas Day - 12/25

New Years Eve - 12/31

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We are not your typical PC Builder.

Our foundation is based on transparency and listing the parts prices of every retail component we hand select with building our PCs. Our goal is to bring gaming computers to the masses and only charge a small build fee. How this benefits you the consumer is you get to leverage our team as a resources to be your one point of support and service.

Keeping Things


Going the

extra mile

Here to

support you

Each PC is hand built for you.

Creators, gamers, and professionals may all find a suitable laptop or desktop computer from EXTREME PCS.

You can select any of our PCs based on several listed applications or choose by desired frame rates from several popular games and we'll build and optimize your gaming PC so you get the highest frame rates, ultimate performance and rock-solid stability with our top-of-the-line retail grade hardware.

We've got you.

Each PC is backed by a 2 Year Warranty. Should you need support we will get you back up and running. All desktops include parts and labor coverage.

We guarantee that the high-performance system we design and build for you will far beyond your wildest dreams. Our highly skilled specialists ensure that every system is built to the highest standards, so you know you'll get a top-notch equipment.

Our rigorous quality assurance checks ensure that every aspect of a EXTREME PCS system is optimized to the highest standards. A thorough "burn-in" procedure and quality control check are performed during testing to make sure your system is ready to go the moment you open the box.


Any component you choose in our online configurator has previously been examined, examined once again, and recognized as suitable by our quality assurance team.


Our duty is straightforward. We provide state-of-the-art technology that is both reliable and backed by a robust infrastructure. We custom-build each system to order and back it with the help of diehard enthusiasts.


All of the parts have been carefully chosen since they must provide the most jaw-dropping results. Overclocking without compromising stability is one of our specialties.