Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard is ready to be downloaded from Intel® Download Center. Skip the broadcasting software setup hassle. Be ready to start recording and streaming in a flash.

Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard, it’s an Intel® free software that will get you streaming and recording in minutes, and optimize for the power of Intel® Core™  Processors.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) can take hours to fully configure for streaming. OBS needs to be tuned for the processor’s encoding capabilities, available bandwidth, and devices like microphones and cameras. The Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard will simplify the setup by configuring and tuning OBS in a simple step by step process that will get you streaming and recording in a flash.

Make It Easier for the World to Watch. Gamers and enthusiast users know that the world is watching. Now there’s no need to keep them waiting. Include Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard in your gaming systems powered by Intel® Core™ processors.


Intel® Core™ Processor Optimization

Adjust the encoding and streaming quality depending on the capabilities of the Intel® Core™ processor.

Streaming Provider Selection

Select among streamers providers such as: Twitch*, YouTube* and Mixer*.

Bandwidth Optimization

The wizard will assess available bandwidth to the streaming provider and adjust quality automatically.

Game Setting Optimization

Optimizes the Open Broadcaster Software settings based on the type of content that is being streamed.

Recording Optimization

Optimizes recording encoder for platform selected (YouTube*, Vimeo*).

Configure Cameras and Microphones

Select/position a connected camera and set the default microphone.

Generate Scenes

Create up to six different scenes with configurable backgrounds and text elements.

Streaming Software/Utilities Download

Install/update the latest supported Open Broadcaster Software and libraries to be streaming in a flash.

List of supported Intel® Core™ Processors available here.

See the release notes for installation instructions, supported hardware and new features included in this release.

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