Streaming Twitch on Your PC

In the not-so-distant past, gaming socialization was as exciting as inviting your friends over to play Super Mario Bros. and Mortal Kombat. Now, gaming is much more of a social activity than ever before. Skilled and professional gamers are broadcasting their games to audiences of complete strangers, and spectators can engage with some of their favorite personalities. Whether you daydream about building a massive audience or you simply want to stream for your friends, XOTIC PC can help. In this guide, we explain how to broadcast, record, and share games using one of the most popular live-streaming video platforms in the world. Broadcast Requirements: • CPU: Intel Core i5-4670 or AMD equivalent• Memory: 8GB DDR3 SDRAM• OS: Windows 7 Home PremiumAdditional Requirements:To get started, you will need a stable internet connection, so you don’t have to worry about shoddy frame rates or dips in audio quality mid-stream. You will also need to create a free Twitch account. You can even create a custom avatar, banner, and description, so the viewers that tune into your stream can learn a little bit about you. Don’t forget about the accessories. Having a microphone on hand means you can provide commentary, react to other live streams, and build your brand as a genuine streaming guru. You should also explore headphones, webcams, audio interfaces, and more. One of the most important elements of any game streaming setup is the software you use to broadcast your gameplay to the world. Most people either use Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) or XSplit. OBS is completely free and perfectly suitable for video recording and live streaming on Windows, Mac, or Linux. XSplit requires a paid subscription in order to use its advanced features. Most professional streamers find it worthwhile to pay monthly, quarterly, or annual fees for better service and more flexibility. Once you pick your streaming service, you just need to sync your Twitch account and configure your setup for the audience you hope to attract. Streaming Twitch on Your PCReady to share your content and gameplay with the world?If you already created an XSplit account and downloaded the server, launch the broadcast software and sign in to your Twitch account. Open the game you would like to stream and open the XSplit interface by pressing Ctrl-Tab. Simply click Broadcast to begin streaming. Using XSplit overlay, you can add webcam footage, mute your microphone or system sounds, live-chat with your Twitch channel, add annotations, and customize logos.Once you have downloaded and installed OBS on your gaming PC, log into your Twitch account. OBS can’t support login to Twitch directly, so you will just need to obtain a stream key. Stream keys change periodically, so you may need to update it each time you stream with OBS. Once you have the stream key, navigate to Settings in the lower right corner of OBS. Select Broadcast Settings > Streaming Services >Twitch > Play Path/Stream Key. Enter the key you acquired from your Twitch dashboard. Open the game you would like to stream and select the Sources box in OBS. In the menu, select Window Capture or Desktop Capture. Name the source and press Enter. In the next dialogue box, choose the correct window. When you are ready to broadcast, simply click Start Streaming.
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